The Band

Marble Waves is an Amsterdam and Utrecht based folk band whose style is heavily influenced by Americana, indie, and pop. Their music is known for its poetic lyrics, multiple vocals, and ethereal guitar work. As well as plugged performances, the band does full acoustic living room gigs.

The folkband consists of singer/songwriter Eveline Armina Haverlag, guitarists Frank Geerlings and Merel van ‘t Hooft, bass player Amé Staal and drummer Rutger Louwerse.

‘Through the Dark’, the band’s first single, was released on 17th April 2020, followed soon after by the second single ‘Extraordinary’. Marble Waves’ self-titled debut EP, consisting of 6 songs, was released on November 27th 2020.

The music video of Tipsy, one of the songs featuring on the EP, was released on March 5, 2021. The video is about “huidhonger”, a Dutch expression often used since Corona-crisis. Huidhonger translates literally in “hunger of the skin” and means a craving to be touched by another human being.