Leading up to the release of the first EP, Marble Waves will release the first single on April 17, 2020, giving a sample of what to expect from the folkband.


BREAKING NEWS!ITS OFFICIALLY OFFICIAL!April 17 2020 we will release our DEBUT SINGLE on spotify!!!Yes, really! In exactly 1 month!Because we are too excited, here's a little sneak peak!Please share with all your friends, family, colleagues, everyone!!Marble Waves is about to take off!! Thanks to EVERYONE who helped us in the last few months to make our dream into reality! To name only a few =Laila Mol Rob SmitYanieke SlumpEstée MakampoTom SikkersGijsbrecht Den EngelseAron KlaverboerBas KlaassenEyepicturesTHANK YOU!More soooon!

Geplaatst door Marble Waves op Dinsdag 17 maart 2020